Step One: Define Project Scope and Timeline

The project I am talking about today is to create default judgement forms for a divorce case. After one has filed a case for divorce, a default divorce comes into play when the respondent is either never served in person (can’t be found), or is served but does


Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) is one of the best legal aid websites in the United States. According to ABA Journal, “If Oscars were awarded for legal aid websites, Lisa Colpoys might be working on her acceptance speech.” ILAO offers useful legal information on daily topics like divorce, guardianship, eviction and small claim suits. To help users navigate through the website, it categories the content into: Family & Safety, House & Apartment, Money & Debt, Business & Work, School & Education, Health & Benefits, Citizens & Immigration, and Crime & Traffic. You can literally find every daily legal issue there! As a foreign student living in Chicago, I have no idea how I can ride a bicycle here. Guess what? I find an article talking about Can I ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?!Continue Reading Rethinking Legal Aid